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Brett Smith, President

Brett is a professional copywriter and marketing consultant with a background in sales and sales training.

He moved from copywriting to Facebook advertising when he realized he could get companies much better results by controlling the entire campaign, instead of just the words.

If he had hobbies, they'd probably be reading, and drinking red wine by the hot tub... But right now, his favorite activities revolve around building business and making his clients money.

Patrick Eagan, CEO

Patrick's background is in direct response marketing, internet marketing, and software and sales technologies.

He has specialized in paid advertising and PPC campaigns for the past 5 years, and began his journey to perfecting the art and science of advertising on Facebook before it was cool.

He enjoys reading, playing the guitar, off-roading in his Jeep, and traveling.

Loretta Flores, Office Manager

Loretta, with a background in logistics and data analysis, keeps everything running smoothly for the team.

The orderly manner with which she approaches her work, and careful attention to detail supports the entire team and all of our clients.

She enjoys many forms of art, reading, fire spinning, and motorcycle racing. (She holds 4 land speed world records at the Utah Salt Flats.)