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Here Are Just a Few Examples of How We've Gotten Amazing Results For Our Clients

Disclaimer: Clients result will vary by industry and type of campaign developed. 

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Want to see how large of an opportunity you have with Facebook Advertising?


Katie Snapp is a women's business coach who helps professional women transition from corporate jobs to operating their own consulting businesses.

She came to us to market her new online coaching program. While she had been speaking, doing events, and coaching women 1-on-1 for years, she'd never launched an online course before.

Within 3 months, we were generating her hundreds of qualified leads, webinar attendees, and telephone consultations, and sales of her course of over $10,000 per month.

Skirt Strategies

From $0 to $10,000 Revenue in 3 Months

Three Rivers came to us for our expertise and reputation with Facebook advertising. They had previous experiences with Facebook "experts" that didn't live up to their expectations, but still believed it could work for them.

Within days of implementing their campaign, we were already generating leads and appointments. Within 30 days, we'd generated over 200 leads, and 78 consultations for their specialty - Sedation Dentistry.

Since then, we've been able to optimize and  scale their campaign. It's currently generating leads for less than $15 apiece. (Down from $200+ they were paying per appointment before working with us.)

Three Rivers Dental

200+ New Leads Per Month

Genius Den is a co-working space and business incubator. Our objective is to generate qualified leads and schedule tours to their facility.

We cut their previous cost per lead of $160+ down to $40 within the first week. (Their customer lifetime value can be $4,800 or more, not including referrals, which are huge in their industry.)

The leads from our campaign are also notably superior to other avenues of paid advertising, meaning they convert to paying members faster and easier.

We then went on to automate the entire process including follow up to ensure prospects show up to their appointments, in addition to bringing the cost per lead to $18 apiece on average.

Genius Den

Cost per lead from $160 down to $18 apiece.

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“Thank you. We really enjoy working with you. You guys have been great to work with, and you really know your (stuff), which is refreshing… Really refreshing.”

-Larry Fendrich DMD, Dental 101

“It was a pleasure to work with Brett and his partner Patrick. Experts in their field, they were able to give me clear guidance and help me run a very successful launch campaign. Highly recommended.”

-Carin Cowell, Marketing Manager, Agoda

“Brett and Patrick were exceptional communicators, providing detailed and thorough explanations of the methodology behind their strategy and design of our Facebook ads.”

-Tim Virga, Capify

Jay White's Copywriting Course

$10K in Sales in the First 2 1/2 Weeks!

Crowdfunding Campaigns

$91,637 and Counting between 3 Successful Campaigns!

Musicon Results:

$56,820 Raised of $50K Goal!

Silver Mask


Tie Your Socks

Silver Mask Results:

24,173 Euros Raised of 15,000 Euro Goal!

Tie Your Socks Results:

$8,870 Raised of $8K Goal!

161% Funded!

114% Funded!

111% Funded!